Q. Where can I get more information on The Whole Connection Cruise?
Please contact us directly on info@thewholeconnection.com.au or phone:

Q. How can I book a place on The Whole Connection Cruise?
Book and pay for The Whole Connection cruise event here.

Q. Is The Whole Connection event on the entire ship?
A. No, we are taking The Whole Connection event onto the Celebrity Solstice. The ship is a 2800 passenger vessel and we will be accessing private areas of the ship to host our events. We have limited spaces allocated to The Whole Connection event.  Think of it as a Health and Wellness Conference … At sea!

Q. Will there be a separate menu for those attending The Whole Connection event?
A. YES!  We are excited and proud to announce that we have an exclusive delicious plant-based menu for all of our guests on board.  Meals will be served within specific time-windows to allow this process to run with ease (both for the kitchens and us!).  For this inaugural cruise, it is important that you place your dietary requirements on your booking form so that we can submit requirements to Celebrity Solstice prior to sailing, to ensure all additional needs are met.

Q. Do they cater for celiacs, vegans, gluten free and any other requirements?
A. Yes, Paige our Managing Director has personally tasted a sample plant-based menu and can confirm it was perfect … and delicious!  You can check out photos of the food on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Q. Do you have special rate for single share in the cabin?
A. We certainly do – check out our full price list here.

Q. I have someone wanting to come on the cruise with me that doesn’t want to be a part of The Whole Connection event but I do. Can that person still share the cabin with me?
A. Of course! They will pay for their share of the cabin with you (with our exclusive travel agent, italktravel & Cruise Highfields) and enjoy all that the Celebrity Solstice has to offer – but they will not have any access to The Whole Connection’s exclusive events and menu. To make this booking, call or email (enquiries@talktous@highfields.italk.travel), italktravel & Cruise Highfields directly 07 4615 5499.

Q. If I book for The Whole Connection cruise event, will I still have access to all that the Celebrity Solstice offers?
A. Yes!!! You will have access to both The Whole Connection program and the Solstice’s program and facilities for this particular cruise.

Q. Will there be future cruise events for The Whole Connection?
A. That is the plan, however, no confirmed dates have been set for the next cruise as we need to run the inaugural event first.

Q. I have never heard of a health and wellness cruise in Australia before … Is this the first time one has been created?  
A. Yes, that is correct, this is the first of its kind for Australia that we are so excited to create!

Q. Is there a program to see for the event?
A. We are making some adjustments tot the final program, which will be released soon. In the meantime, please sign up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date on any announcements

Q. Is there any merchandise available for The Whole Connection?
A. We have organic cotton tee shirts and unisex polo shirts.  These are available for purchase on the website!

Q. What is included for the price for The Whole Connection cruise event?

  • Our exclusive 9 Day Holistic Wellness Program which includes:
    • Wellness Workshops most days!
    • Cooking Classes/ Plant-based Food Information/ Demonstrations
    • Industry Experts giving Professional Presentations
    • The Opportunity To Have One-On-Ones With Our Industry Experts
    • Meditation Classes
    • Exclusive Documentary Nights
    • Holistic Welcome Pack to help you enjoy your time over the immersive 9 days and take what you’ve learned into your daily life after the cruise.
    • Q&A Panel where you can connect with a selection of our presenters

Q. How does it work with the costs for the event and cabin?
A. The cost for The Whole Connection event, is a flat rate of $AUD1000.00 per person.  The cost of rooms on the Celebrity Solstice start approx *$AUD1601.00 per person twin share and the price increases from there depending on what cabin you desire for your stay.  By calling our exclusive travel agents, they can walk you through the different rooms available if you require, otherwise, you can book and pay for your room and ticket here.

*Room prices are subject to change, please go to our booking site to see what rooms are currently available.

Q. What’s included in my Celebrity Solstice cabin price?

  • Shipboard twin accommodations and ocean transportation
  • Whole Food Plant-Based Meals and FULL Access to all Restaurants (should you desire to not eat in the group or outside of set meal times)
  • Port charges
  • FULL Access to Celebrity Solstice Ship entertainment
  • Ship amenities including: the gym and pools

Q. What is not included in the booking fee?

  • Spa treatments and facilities,
  • Salon services,
  • Wine, liquor and other beverages (except the water or tea served with meals and the complimentary beverages served at our evening socials),
  • Shore excursions offered by Celebrity Cruises,
  • The cost of private consultations or treatments you may schedule with our health professionals.

Q. How is The Whole Connection different to a regular cruise?
A. This a One-of-a-Kind Health Retreat at Sea with all the benefits and perks of a Luxury Cruise included. The Whole Connection offers life-changing workshops with plant-based health industry experts, guided meditations, cooking classes, group activities and also exclusive delicious plant-based menus.

This is an ‘Active Cruise’ – Meaning it’s About Transforming Your Health, Your Happiness, and Your Life – While Enjoying One of the Most Beautiful Parts of Planet Earth.

Connect with us if you have any further questions about The Whole Connection cruise event – we are here to assist you!